Eunice Park and Suzy Karlson are probably the best college beach volleyball team in all of the continental USA and have been touted to win the coveted ABVA (American Beach Volleyball Association) Gold Cup at the finals being held in Honolulu next month.

Thing is, something has gotten to the duo and their practise sessions have been less than smooth. To alleviate this problem their manager, Natalia, seeks the help of a legendary sports guru that lives in a remote island in the Caribbean.

The three set off for this Tropical Paradise to see if they can seek help from this sports guru to help Eunice and Suzy get their groove back so they can confidently fly to Hawaii to win the ABVA Gold Cup.


  • Soothing Reggae and Latin Jazz Background music
  • Many CGs
  • Multiple Endings



How to activate Adult’s Only Content

Right Click on King of Texas in your game library list

Click properties to bring up the steam game properties

Click local files tab

Click browse local files

Add a new text file to directory named “bega.txt”