Once upon a time in a continent far away existed a land where it is the women, not the men, who were the dominant gender. Despite this land’s fruitful fields and robust resources, it was constantly in conflict as there was a great rivalry between the three most powerful Queens.

The rivalry was so heated and intense that the scent of war constantly loomed over all the lands. For this reason a great and wise mage called Elvira has come up with an ingenious plan to bring peace to the entire continent and for this plan to work she needs a young and strong knight.

Will you be that knight?

Will you offer her your sword?

Will you rise up to the occasion?

Will you find a wonderful waifu along the way?

Only you can find out by playing King of Queendoms!


How to activate Adult’s Only Content

Right Click on King of Phoenix in your game library list

Click properties to bring up the steam game properties

Click local files tab

Click browse local files

Add a new text file to directory named “bega.txt”