When a Crimson Knight Initiate graduates from the Knight’s Academy they have one more hurdle to clear to become a full-fledged Crimson Knight. They must travel the world for a year offering free aid to all those in need.

After three days lost in the woods Sir Edward, a Crimson Knight Initiate, finds a small village where he meets an old man who gives him a clue that will lead him on an adventure of a lifetime. An adventure where he meets a lot of damsels that are in desperate need of his special set of abilities!

“King of Mazes” is an adult comedic harem RPG. Go on a quest like none other and save the kingdom of it’s unique and strange problems by thinking out of the box and using your problem-solving skills!


Download this file

Put the map045.json into www/data folder of game.

When you start a new game. You will get a message – King of Mazes Uncensored etc